Now is the time to discover ease, beauty and strength!

In your lessons you will learn the fundamentals of healthy vocal production:

* Improve your breath management and support with increased body awareness and accurate anatomical information.

* Expand your vocal range to sing the repertoire that inspires you.

* Find a seamless legato line to achieve true vocal beauty and expressivity.

* Discover how to approach and learn a new piece of music efficiently and effectively.

* Develop a warm-up and practice routine for healthy, mindful, and successful daily singing.

 Every singer is unique.  Your lessons and repertoire will be tailored to your voice, goals, and musical interests.  With a foundation of efficient breath management and balanced resonance, we will reveal a free and beautiful tone that you can produce consistently with ease.

All experience levels are welcome!  I accept students ages 12 and up*.  

* Younger students will benefit greatly from group voice instruction, choirs, musical theater classes, and/or instrumental lessons before beginning individual voice study.

Sight-singing, Audition Preparation and Music Theory lessons are also available.

Lessons are taught in your own home or my studio in Oakland.

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